Customer Loyalty

Delight customers. Create lasting relationships. Make more revenue.

Discover what loyalty is, how it impacts your brand, and how it’s essential for driving higher customer lifetime value.


What is Loyalty?

Customer loyalty can mean different things for different businesses — it’s more than just members in a program. Ultimately, it comes down to building long lasting customer relationships that lead to more purchases, more often, at higher values and at lower acquisition costs, so you can drive customer lifetime value.

Customer Loyalty
Index 2021

In this report, you’ll get the most recent research and data-driven insights on what defines and inspires true customer loyalty in 2021, including a breakdown of the five types of customer loyalty.

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Driving Customer Loyalty in a Digital Era

Learn what loyalty in a world of digital-first retail means for your customers and your business.
Get tips for staying relevant to customers and increasing CLTV.

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“67% of customers consider themselves loyal to a brand, whether they’re part of a loyalty program or not.”

— Emarsys Customer Loyalty Index 2021 Report

How to Build Loyalty & CLTV

Use these actionable guides to create and execute an omnichannel engagement strategy that fosters loyalty, increases repeated high-value purchases, and drives CLTV.

10+ Value Exchanges to Grow Your First-Party Data

Without insight-rich first-party customer data, you can’t deliver the highly personalized 1:1 experiences that increase retention and drive loyalty. Learn 10 value exchanges to get the data you need for better omnichannel personalization.

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Drive Repeat Purchases & Customer Loyalty: Retail Playbook

The holidays bring new customers to your brand in droves, but how do you retain them and earn their loyalty? Discover five strategies to re-target and re-engage first-time buyers, and turn them into loyal lasting brand advocates.

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