Strategies and Tactics

Increase time to value with sophisticated marketing automations

Take the heavy lifting out of campaign execution with pre-built, fully customizable automations, crowdsourced from the world’s most innovative brands.

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Hero Tactics

Deliver next-level automated journeys and marketing campaigns with speed and agility

Building sophisticated, high-performing automation flows that deliver true 1:1 personalization at scale is a time-consuming task. Our pre-built Strategies and Tactics accelerate time to value, improve agility, and increase revenue.

Save time planning and executing campaigns with pre-built marketing automations
Deploy automations based on crowd-sourced knowledge from leading brands
Improve agility with quick-to-deploy, adaptable, fully customizable tactics

Access pre-built strategies and tactics

Remove manual effort from campaign creation. Powered by AI and optimized using insights from the 1,500 brands on the Emarsys platform, our Strategies and Tactics provide the guidance and inspiration you need to be able to quickly deploy automation flows proven to improve growth, retention, loyalty, and revenue.

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Unlock endless customizations and personalization potential

Choose and launch pre-built automations, or use them as a jumping-off point for complex automation journeys — all without the need for IT input. All of the Tactics are fully customizable to fit your business objectives, meaning the pre-built flows are just the beginning of your sophisticated marketing potential.

02 Tactics Unlock Endless Customizations And Personalization Potential

Gibson and Emarsys

Orchestrating Omnichannel Customer Journeys

In this tell-all video, you’ll explore Gibson’s approach to optimizing customer journeys, personalization, and driving lifelong customer loyalty

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Measure the impact of your marketing automations

What revenue impact are your marketing activities having? Which automations are performing best, and which need more attention? Emarsys helps remove ambiguity from your marketing reporting by tracking the performance of specific strategies and tactics across multiple channels.

03 Tactics Measure The Impact Of Your Marketing Automations

Your shortcut to
sophisticated personalization

Each tactic is pre-built with four key elements which can be fully customized so you can
create, repeat, and scale marketing automation that drives results.

Segment customers based on real-time, cross-channel behavior and customer lifecycle stage.
Target segments with pre-built, fully customizable automations.
Create 1:1 personalized content based on customer, behavioral, and transactional data.
Orchestrate journeys across the channels where your customers are most likely to engage.

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Driving 25% revenue growth in 5 weeks with personalized cross-channel automations

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“Salling Group used offline purchase data to drive online sales, by using product recommandations and automated audiences in omnichannel campaigns. This resulted in 25% revenue growth within 5 weeks.”

Jens Pytlich,
Jens Pytlich, Digital Marketing Manager

Engaging 1.5 million customers on a 1:1 basis with a 70% retention rate

Hear their story

“We wanted to create complex user journeys that are simplified through technology, and Emarsys’s automation platform allows that to happen. I love it.”

Mark Sherwood,
Mark Sherwood, Global Head of CRM, Bulk

Shifting from linear to dynamic automation flows to improve customer interactions

Hear their story

“We needed to get to a place where we were being true to our values and delighting our customers, [and] we needed to migrate to a platform that would automate this for us.”

Natalie Peat,
Natalie Peat, Finance & E-Commerce Manager, ECO. Modern Essentials

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Customer Lifecycle Exported

Customer Lifecycle Management

Segment contacts by lifecycle, deploy specific tactics to accelerate customers from first purchase to loyalty, and view lifecycle reporting — all from within a single platform.

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Intelligence Analytics Exported

Intelligence & Analytics

Use AI to predict campaign performance, measure customer outcomes, and optimize to maximize engagement across channels — without the need for a dedicated data team.

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Strategies Tactics Exported

Strategies & Tactics

Align your strategy to pre-built tactics — best practice, fully customizable journeys built within the platform — that are ready to deploy.

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