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AI-Powered Digital Ads

Personalize advertising across display, search, and social

Use customer data to engage with contacts in real-time using automated, AI-driven digital advertising campaigns.

Unleash the power of customer data for search, display, and social advertising

Marketers face increasing pressure to drive more sales with less spend — all with fewer tracking and retargeting capabilities. Emarsys unlocks your first-party customer data, helping you to segment key customers, create valuable lookalike audiences, and target the right customers with the right content during the right stage of their journey.

Segments Customer Data Capability

Use customer data to refine segments

Data Insights Analytics Capability

Create audiences based on contact behavior

Crowd Sourced Knowledge Capability

Integrate advertising into your cross-channel mix

Icon Measure Impact

See the revenue impact of advertising campaigns

01 Digital Ads Integrate Seamlessly With Leading Digital Advertising Platforms 

Integrate seamlessly with leading digital advertising platforms

Connect Emarsys with Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Google, TikTok, LinkedIn and Criteo to create valuable custom and lookalike audiences. Target customers who have engaged with content or visited your site with automated digital advertising campaigns.

02 Digital Ads Increase Conversions With Hyper Personalized Advertising

Increase conversions with hyper-personalized advertising

Use Emarsys’ sophisticated segmentation to create specific micro-segments based on first-party data insights. Deliver ads with highly personalized content tailored to customer lifecycle stage, email responses, purchase and browsing history, and more, that can be integrated into omnichannel automation flows.

03 Digital Ads Acquire More Valuable Leads With Lookalike Audiences 

Acquire more valuable leads with lookalike audiences

Find new, high-value customers that share the preferences, browsing habits, and purchase history of your most valuable customers. Create lookalike audiences in ad networks from source segments based on mobile, web, or email behavior, as well as customer lifecycle data and predicted behavior.

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04 Digital Ads Increase Conversions With Hyper Personalized Advertising

Extend the reach of existing campaigns

Scale the impact of your advertising by connecting existing campaigns with your cross-channel mix. Connect your ads channels to web, mobile, direct mail, and more, and offer a clear, concise 1:1 personalized cross-channel journey.

05 Digital Ads Optimize Media Spend With Dynamic Audience Journeys

Optimize media spend with dynamic audience journeys

Maximize ROI and eliminate wasted spend by delivering ads to the right audiences at the right time. Orchestrate digital ads within omnichannel journeys and dynamically add or suppress contacts from ad campaign audiences based on their interests, behaviors or purchases.

06 Digital Ads Measure Digital Ad Performance And Impact 

Measure digital ad performance and impact

Your Digital Ads dashboard allows you to see both campaign performance and revenue metrics at a glance. Everything from impressions to clicks to conversions is broken down by channel, as are revenue metrics such as Return on Ad Spend and Revenue vs Cost, so you’re never more than a click away from seeing the impact of your digital ad campaigns.

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