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AI-Driven Email Marketing

Industry-leading deliverability meets real-time AI-powered personalization

Convert buyers and drive repeat purchases with AI email marketing that enhances relevancy and convenience through personalization.

AI email marketing that balances sophistication with ease of use

Email marketers are tasked with driving the lion’s share of revenue. They need to be able to quickly segment contacts, integrate email into the multi-channel mix, personalize emails, track results, and optimize campaigns all within one AI-powered email marketing solution.

Segments Customer Data Capability

Quickly build dynamic, predictive segments

Deliver Email Sent Channel

Achieve 99% deliverability and reduce send anxiety

Product Recommendation Capability

Personalize product recommendations with predictive intelligence

Icon Measure Impact

Prove revenue contribution with advanced email reporting

01 Email Build Emails That Will Inspire And Engage Customers

Build emails that will inspire and engage customers

Drag and drop images, block-based content, and personalization tokens straight into your email designs. Add personalized product recommendations and special offers into emails based on browsing behavior, product affinity, and past purchase history.

02 Email Automate A Single Send Or Orchestrate A Campaign

Automate a single send or orchestrate a campaign

From sending transactional emails that blend with your brand’s look and feel to orchestrating strategic multi-email, cross-channel campaigns, Emarsys gives you the agility to do it all from a single platform. With simple data onboarding, you’ll see great efficiencies with your IT teams.

03 Email Create Data Driven Segments With Ease

Create AI-powered, data-driven segments

Effortlessly segment your contacts based on data from any source, including their behavior across all customer touchpoints. Launch tailored email campaigns to segments with the highest revenue potential based on predicted actions and product affinities.

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04 Email Personalize Content Every Step Of The Way

Personalize emails every step of the way

Emarsys connects you to the data you need to scale 1:1 personalization across every email throughout the campaigns you create. Use AI in your email marketing to tailor and personalize email subject lines or content based on your customers’ engagement levels, lifecycle stages, or predicted reactions.

05 Email Preview Test And Deliver At Scale

Preview and test emails at scale

See your emails through the eyes of your audience and send campaigns with confidence. Inbox Preview allows marketers to view how email campaigns will be displayed in the inboxes of the most popular desktop, web, and mobile email clients.

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Gibson and Emarsys

Orchestrating omnichannel customer journeys

In this tell-all video, discover how companies like Gibson Brands are approaching personalization, optimizing customer journeys, and driving lifelong loyalty

06 Email Verify Deliverability before You Hit ‘send’ 

Verify deliverability before you hit ‘send’

Drive quick marketing results by reaching more subscribers with your email campaigns. Deliverability Advisor analyzes your email marketing campaigns before you hit send and provides actionable guidance to ensure your emails reach inboxes.

07 Email Optimize Based On Performance

Optimize email campaigns based on performance

Emarsys helps you understand your customers and drive profitable growth with insightful AI-powered analytics. Our reporting capabilities are baked into the platform, making it easy for you to understand what’s working and pivot quickly to improve any under-performing metrics.

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