Omnichannel Consumer Goods Marketing Solution

Build and retain a database of active, engaged, high-value consumers

Collect and activate first-party data across every channel in a single platform. Create connected personalized engagements that drive future purchases, deeper loyalty, and higher CLTV.

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Hero Consumer Products

The omnichannel customer engagement platform of choice for leading consumer products brands

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Attract, convert, and retain consumers with 1:1 personalization and AI-powered consumer goods marketing automation

Unify your product, sales, and customer data
Build a single view of your customer and create relevant, 1:1 personalized engagements.
Attract more consumers, faster
Turn your most loyal customers into brand advocates and grow CLTV
Reduce wasted ad spend on unprofitable audiences
Target high-value audiences and optimize your ad spend with ease.

Grow first-party data, drive latent revenue, and acquire new consumers

Build a database of engaged, high-value consumers and capitalize on the missed revenue opportunities with your siloed data. By combining your product, sales, and customer data, Emarsys helps consumer products marketers convert new customers, win back old ones, and drive predictable, profitable database growth.

01 Consumer Products Grow First Party Data Drive Latent Revenue And Acquire New Consumers

Reduce revenue loss with dynamic segmentation

Segment consumers based on lifecycle stage, real-time online behavior, and historical data to deliver 1:1 personalized content and offers that anticipate their needs, reduce churn, and boost sales. Use your most profitable segments to uncover a constant stream of new consumers with Smart Ad Targeting.

02 Consumer Products Reduce Revenue Loss With Dynamic Segmentation

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Improve efficiency and impact with cross-channel marketing automation

Easily target all of your consumers across multiple channels and geographies with out-of-the-box marketing and transactional automations, ready to launch in just a few clicks. Encourage first purchases, win the second purchase, and increase lifetime value with flexible AI-powered automations that deliver the content consumers want, when they want it.

03 Consumer Products Improve Efficiency And Impact With Cross Channel Marketing Automation

Turn first-time customers to loyal, repeat buyers with 1:1 personalization

Create and execute 1:1 personalized campaigns that capture engagement, drive repeat purchases, and grow customer loyalty. Emarsys gives consumer products marketers the power to build sophisticated and scalable cross-channel customer journeys to power experiences across the customer lifecycle, from initial customer engagements to post-purchase transactional interactions.

04 Consumer Products Turn First Time Customers To Loyal, Repeat Buyers With

Demonstrate the revenue impact of your marketing activities

Prove the revenue contribution of your campaign personalization efforts with a dedicated Strategic Dashboard. Track campaign performance down to specific lifecycle stages and customer segments, and get data-backed guidance on campaign optimization with AI-powered insights and analytics.

05 Consumer Products Demonstrate The Revenue Impact Of Your Marketing Activities

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Growing engagement with segmentation, automation, and customer lifecycle tracking

Hear their story

“The beauty of the Emarsys marketing platform is that it always provides an actionable next step for the client to run its automated marketing campaign.”

Jade Lau,
Jade Lau, Lead of Nike Direct Digital Commerce, Nike Hong Kong

Engaging online shoppers with highly satisfying multi-brand experiences

Hear their story

“Emarsys really helps a smaller team [by] making the data accessible to where we can go in and find it easily, but then also making it where we can dig down as deep as [we] want to go. So it’s a black hole in the best way.”

Lindsay Ball,
Lindsay Ball, Sr. Digital Marketin Manager, Instant Brands

Boosting email revenue 5x with relevant, 1:1 personalized engagements

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“Any product that we feature will feature the right currency for that customer based on where they are. The header and footer will be correct. Any promotions we run will be shown correctly for where that customer is.”

David Witts,
David Witts, CRM Manager, PUMA, Europe

Creating an award-winning CRM strategy by combining automation and human-led marketing

Hear their story

“With Emarsys, we are creating personal one-to-one experiences for our 1.5 million customers globally. We have automated 500 unique journeys, which resulted in 70% retention.”

Mark Sherwood,
Mark Sherwood, Global Head of Trading and Marketplaces, Bulk Powders

Deliver the
predictable, profitable outcomes that your business demands with our omnichannel marketing solution

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